Fi Alexander

Fi played 'Woman', 'Charlotte', 'Shepherdess', 'Jenny' and 'The Visitor' in Stark's production of A Journey Around My Room.
Having hepled form Stage5, she played the careerist 'Karen' in Utopia. Fi went on to play the menacing 'Thought3 in Unravel.

Film credits include 'The Sister' in the CCA commissioned 2008 film Let Me Show You Some Things directed by Sarah Tripp (formerly of Stage 5) as part of both the Glasgow & Edinburgh International Film Festivals.

Other work includes: Spark And Dissolve at the National Review of Live Art, by Sarah-Jane Grimshaw and Get A Room at the Brunswick Hotel - with Drew Taylor.

Kenny Burnham
Kenny played the idealistic character 'Ketu' in the 2013 production 100.

In 2012, Kenny played Man 1 in the hard-hitting piece A Dog Called Redemption. He adapted A Journey Around My Room and also played 'Soul', 'Joanetti' and 'Hippocrates' in the piece.

Kenny originally helped to form the theatre group Stage5 who presented their first play at the CCA in October 2007 in which he played the role of 'Matt'.

When the group changed its name to Stark Theatre, he played 'Colin' in Stark's 2008 production Unravel. Other work includes playing several supporting roles in Peter Lamb’s 2006 production of King Lear at the Ramshorn Theatre. 

Euan Galbraith

Euan joined Stark in 2013 to play the ebullient and ultimately doomed Alec in 100. Euan may be new to us, but he is a familiar face on the Glasgow stage.


Jill Korn
Jill plays the Guide in Stark's 2013 performance, 100. Angel of Death? The devil? No-one quite knows...

Jill's previous performances for Stark Theatre include the lovelorn PA in Secretarial Skills (2010), a disillusioned grandmother in Grannies and an immensely irritating elderly aunt in Outdoor Pleasures (2011).

Jill relishes character parts; she played the otherworldly part of 'Thought 2' in Stark's Unravel and the lonely 'Lynn' in the Stage5 production, Utopia.

Previous performances include the part of Roberta in Ionesco's absurd drama Jack, or the Submission.

Mariel McAllan
The role of Nia, one of the lovers in 100, was Mariel McAllan's first performance with Stark Theatre.

 Debbie MacBean

Debbie's portrayal of the ambitious and ruthless Sophie in the 2013 production of 100 was both powerful and moving. 

Debbie demonstrated her versatility when she played the haughty 'Mme de Hautcastel' and 'Aspasia' in Stark's production of A Journey Around My Room. Before that, she played the desolate part of 'Helen' in Stark's Unravel. After helping form Stage5, she played  'Anna' in Utopia.

Film credits include: the short film Two Words, Strangeworx Productions, and On A Clear Day.
TV credits include: Taggart, Rebus, and Quite Ugly One Morning.

Lorenzo Novani

Lorenzo played the lead role of 'Xavier' in Stark's production of A Journey Around My Room at Gramofon.

He has played a wide variety of roles in theatre productions with Strathclyde Theatre Group, Giffnock Theatre Players and Goodnightout Theatre, most recently playing Orsino in 12th Night.

Lorenzo, also performs with Spirit of Glasgow, animating Glasgow's rich history through Storytelling, Murder Mysteries and Educational Events.
T.V credits - Garrows Law

Jonny Shaw

Jonny played 'Albert', 'Ugolino', 'Plato', 'Reason', 'James' and  'Chevalier d'Assas' in A Journey Around My Room
Helped form Stage5 and played 'Tic' in Utopia before going onto play the self-absorbed 'Thought 1' in Stark's 2008 production Unravel. 

Other performances include the role 'Simon Gasgoyne' in The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard at the Ramshorn Theatre, and 'The brother' in Sarah Tripp's 2008 short film Let Me Show You Some Things.  

In 2009, Jonny held a critically aclaimed exhibition, Far Removed at The Studio Warehouse in Glasgow.